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Olive oil MAUR - Istria

Olive oil – golden drops of health and the pleasure because of taste and smell of the Mediterranean

Love towards olives, nature and combination of continuous work gives olives – olive oil of the highest quality. World recognition and awards. The excellence of our top virgin so olive oil is an award-winning and proven. Virgin olive oil from our beautiful olive trees,  are processed on suitable micro-location in southern Istria, near the sea and with plenty of sun with the care and attention of our “hands and eyes”.  We produce oil from buza, rosulja, leccino and other varieties because that are distinguished by their unsurpassed spiciness, flavor and fruitiness which conquer.

Our olive oil we keep in controlled conditions, we fill in dark glass bottles to preserve nutritional value. Golden Olive Oil is our mission , pleasure and joy – so we recommend it to you.

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Extra virgin Olive oil

continuously awarded gold medals and awards for quality – Olive oil MAUR – Istria

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Olive oil MAUR - Istria



The region of Istria has no equal in Croatia. In fact, so its numerous visitors can tell the difference immediately because upon their arrival. With its strong historical ties with Italy, the history of Istria, helps explain and sense of independence in the peninsula, and so also known as one of the most so liberal places in the country. There is so much to see! Impressive places like the amphitheatre in Pula, the sixth largest Roman amphitheatre in the world and one of the most original concert venues.